Unknown Facts About Oil Free Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer Made Known

Published: 08th February 2009
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An Oil free anti-aging facial moisturizer is the alternative numerous people are choosing in recent years to get a wrinkle free and smooth skin. But does it deliver? No, it does not. The reason is that, to your surprise, you are throwing away the baby along with the bucketful of water.

On the surface, it might appear reasonable that an oil free anti-aging facial moisturizer is a great moisturizing and anti aging alternative for our skin, but the reality is very different.

Our impression for oil based facial moisturizers is that the oils in them choke our skin's pores and leave a sticky buttery feeling behind. This might only be a partially true fact as you might have been applying oil based anti-aging facial moisturizers with mineral oils contained in them!

This might surprise you, Minerals oils in your facial moisturizer ointment! Yes, Mineral oil is frequently employed in below standard skin care moisturizer ointments because of the reason that it is cheap. Although it moisturizes the skin temporarily, but the price you pay in terms of your skin health and vitality is too much.

Mineral oils clog up the skin's pores and render them suffocating for fresh oxygen. The skin is unable to breathe freely and therefore it is unable to cleanse itself from the toxins. The accumulated toxins lead to lots of skin problems like acne breakouts, allergic reactions, rashes and skin inflammation.

Our skin also carries natural oils that are indispensable for skin youth and vitality preservation. These oils get lost during the course of the day because of stress, environmental pollution and many other factors. An anti-aging facial moisturizer helps preserve these vital natural oils in your skin.

Therefore, lots of people try to look for oil free anti-aging facial moisturizers because they have suffered a lot from the ruinous consequences of mineral oils in their previous mineral oil based facial moisturizers and also because of the fact that they are not yet aware of the excellent organic oils that can do wonders for their skin health and youth.

A Couple of these variety of organic oils are -

1) Grapeseed Oil - This variety of oil is a strong antioxidant and produces a protective film on your skin. This invisible film locks up the critical moisture and natural oils in your skin. It is lush in linoleic acid and many other oils that are beneficial for skin health and vitality.

2) Babassu - This is a very mild organic wax. It assists considerably in soothing and softening your skin. It also creates an invisible film of protection on your skin which helps prevent the skin's natural moisture from escaping outside. This film also prevents grime and dirt from moving into your skin.

Babassu is prepared from Babassu oil, which is found in the kernel of the babassu fruit in the Amazon. This extraordinary oil is very good for naturally healing wrinkles. It functions equally well both for oily and dry skin complexion persons.

By all this essential scientific information, you now understand that an anti-aging facial moisturizer is the way to finding well-preserved, radiant and glowing skin.

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