The Do's and Don'ts Of Facial Moisturizer For Dry Aging Skin

Published: 08th February 2009
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Facial Moisturizer for dry aging skin is what you really require if you are suffering from symptoms of untimely skin aging like wrinkles, loose skin, age spots and an inconsistent skin texture. It can be the supreme skin care solution for your precious and most valued asset - your skin.

We can find a lot of facial moisturizer for dry aging skin in the market. They are so popular because of the fact that we all desire to look young and attractive - irrespective of our age or gender. And the solution offered by facial moisturizer for dry aging skin is unequalled by any other product in the skincare category.

When you use facial moisturizer for dry aging skin as a part of your skincare treatment there are two points that you must pay most attention to -
1) You should find a quality facial moisturizer for dry aging skin with tested and scientifically proven ingredients.
2) You must use it consistently for the sought-after results in skin health and rejuvenation.

Finding an excellent and superior facial moisturizer for dry aging skin is the first vital task. It is no easy task. You should take a good look at whether there are medicinally tested organic substances used in them and also make sure that they do not hold harmful chemical substances.

Once you have found out a good facial moisturizer for dry aging skin, the consistent applying part is not actually that tough. The improvements in your skin rejuvenation give you the nonstop motivation and drive to continue the anti aging skincare therapy till you accomplish the smooth-textured and youthful looking skin.

Although it will not be feasible to cite here all the effective organic substances that you should try to seek and the harmful substances that you must avoid in an effective facial moisturizer for dry aging skin, I will bring up a few of them.

Plenty of these harmful chemicals are abused (in different names) in sub standard facial moisturizer for dry aging skin. You should avoid these at any cost -

1) Mineral Oils - These are being used as moisturizers. They are in use in facial moisturizer for dry aging skin because of the reason that they are inexpensive. But their cost on skin health and vitality is enormous. They clog and suffocate the skin's pores. This impedes their function of moving out the toxins and leads to acnes, allergic reactions and many other skin disorders.

2) Parabens - These are used as preservatives and assist in bolstering the shelf life of facial moisturizers for dry aging skin. They are known to cause cancer.

3) Fragrances - These are in use so that the facial moisturizer for dry aging skin smell nice. These fragrances are produced from hazardous chemicals which can give rise to immense disturbances in the functioning of the endocrine system.

These are the organic substances that your must look out for in the most effective facial moisturizer for dry aging skin -

1) Cynergy TK - This is a cutting edge natural ingredient that has been developed in New Zealand. It is lush in functional keratin. This form of keratin is easily absorbable by the body. Keratin is one of the most primary skin proteins which works in sync with collagen and elastin to keep our skin youthful.

Cynergy TK is also most impressive and unique in the fact that it assists the body in its natural production of collagen and elastin. These are the primary proteins present in our skin that play a crucial role in keeping our skin well-preserved, pliant and flexible. Cynergy TK also has proved to considerably improve skin moisture retention and skin elasticity.

Currently Cynergy TK is available only in niche skin care facial moisturizer for dry aging skin, and not in the popular brand names.

2) Phytessence Wakame - This is an extract of a unique type of Japanese sea algae. It is one of the best kept skincare anti aging secrets of Japan. It works effectively in soothing skin inflammation, which is one of the major reason of premature skin aging. It also helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of Ultra Violet rays and aids in defending the balance of hyaluronic acid in the skin. This acid works in concert with collagen and elastin in the skin and helps in keeping the skin young and vibrant.

Visit my web site for learning more on such herbal anti aging skincare ingredients that work wonderfully as a part of facial moisturizer for dry aging skin and work in natural aging skin rejuvenation.

DR Vijay Kumar is a Natural Skincare Expert and a passionate advocate of natural skin care. Visit his site now to learn more about effective, anti aging skin care products he advocates after comprehensive research:

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