Does Taking Collagen Powder Really Help Build Collagen? - Essential Facts You Should Know

Published: 05th April 2009
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People looking for younger skin try various types of pills, lotions, injections and other means of increasing the level of collagen in their skin. But the big question is -- does taking collagen powder really help build collagen? Find out the shocking reality in this article.

Contrary to public opinion, the answer to the above question is a big -- NO. There is no scientific evidence whatsoever that proves that collagen might be absorbed in our skin through external means.

The collagen molecule is simply too large to pass through the topmost layer of our skin called the epidermis. This renders useless all those anti-aging skin creams with collagen as an ingredient, because the collagen just stays on the surface of the skin and gets washed off when we have a shower.

Besides that, collagen is a complex structured protein. It is produced by the body naturally and our body doesn't except external collagen molecules as they don't assimilate with its own structure.

So, taking collagen powder does not really help build collagen in your skin. Such collagen based creams, lotions and powders are just a waste of your hard earned money.

The right approach lies in using such anti-aging products that contain natural ingredients that stimulate collagen production in your skin. As your skin produces more collagen as it used to do in its younger days, you can get a permanent and long lasting freedom from wrinkles and fine lines.

Here are some scientifically proven amazing natural ingredients that you should look out for in the best anti-aging skin care products --

1) Cynergy TK -- it is rich in functional keratin. This makes it easily absorbable and form a part of the natural keratin protein found in our body. It stimulates production of new skin cells as it is rich in zinc and copper protein complexes. Due to its amazing role in anti-aging, it has been called just like applying "liquid skin". Skin aging signs just vanish naturally!

2) Avocado oil -- it is rich in minerals, antioxidants and vitamin E, A and D. it improves the level of collagen in the skin and makes it soft, supple and vibrant.

3) Eyeliss TM -- this is the best natural ingredient to reduce wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. It is used in the most elite anti-aging products that are used even by Hollywood celebrities to maintain their attractive and gorgeous looks.

Thus, you should avoid any product that claims to contain collagen in its formulation. Any form of external collagen is simply useless in anti-aging and removing wrinkles. The scientifically proven answer to the question "does taking collagen powder really help build collagen" always remains a big NO.

Visit my website to find out more of such amazing natural ingredients that you should look out for in the best anti-aging skincare products, that can help you achieve a young, beautiful and naturally glowing skin.

Vijay Raisinghani is a Natural Healthcare Expert and a passionate advocate of natural skin care. His website provides a wealth of information on what works and what doesn't work in Anti-aging skincare to achieve a young, beautiful and vibrant skin.

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